Pune Race Club | The Complete Guide to Betting on Horse Races

Pune Race Club was built in 1830 in Pune Cantonment, Western India. The Club is located about 5-6 km from downtown Pune and 12-13 km from Pune airport.

Pune Race Club covers 118.5 acres (48.0 hectares) of land. The land is controlled and organized by the Indian Army. The stable of Pune Race Club horses is near the Empress Garden. And the Empress Garden is about 1km (0.62 miles) from the course.

In addition, the club comes under the Royal Western Indian Turf Club (RWITC). This club is truly a gem in the horse racing arena.

Pune Race Club Racing Season

Generally, the Pune racing season commences around July and ends in October. The Royal Western Indian Turf Club (RWITC) schedules the races for Pune Race Club.

There are 26 race days but it may vary per season. And the money prize of the entire event is also around 8-10 crores.

The major attractions of the Pune racing season

  • The Pune Derby (Gr.1) is scheduled for October 13.
  • The Indian St. Leger is held from September 22.
  • Poonawalla family has sponsored two million races. Sponsors include Villo C. Poonawalla Million and S.A. Poonawalla Million. This race commences around September.
  • The longest race in the country (over 3200 m) is only held at Pune. The Suresh Mahindra Trophy also starts in September.

Some of the much-awaited races are the Pune Derby, RWITC invitational, the Independence Cup, and the Southern Command Cup.

In Pune, RWITC conducts the following events throughout the year:

Grade I race

  • The Mcdowell Signature Premier Indian St.Leger
  • The Nanoli Stud Pune Derby

Grade II race

  • The F.D. Wadia Trophy
  • The S.A.Poonawalla Multi-million

Grade III race

  • The Eve Champion Trophy

The RWITC is the authority responsible for the management of racehorses. RWITC is one of the most reputed clubs in the country.

The horses are kept in stables beside the racetrack. While some horses are kept in stables next to Empress Garden.

Amenities to Local People in Pune

For health-conscious people, Pune Race Club has a 2.8km long jogging track. People come here to take morning and evening strolls every day.

The track opens from 5 am to 8.30 am and from 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm. There are many juice stalls along the way for a healthy treat.

The Turf Club lease out space for weddings, tambola nights, and many other events. The famous Oktoberfest is organized in the Pune Race Club.

If you want to enjoy the special perks, then you can become a member of the RWITC.

Horse Race Betting

House race betting has been active around the world for centuries. There’s nothing better than to see your horse making a last-minute change of the lead.

Moreover, you can see fans screaming, dirt flying, jockeys jockeying which is truly amazing. If you haven’t experienced this scene, then you should try to go to the track once. For sure you’ll be hooked.

Besides this, horse racing and betting are more like a pizza and a coke. Maybe you always wanted to get into it. Though you were not sure where to start and simply backed off.

But now, you’ll get this step-by-step guide that will help you in every phase of your betting. And this guide will also advance your betting skills to the next level.

Here, you’ll walk through all the strategies you need to win. Hopefully, you’ll be screaming at the ponies like the best of them in no time.

betting on horse races

A step by step guide to Betting on Horse Racing

Decide where to bet

Firstly, decide what you want to bet on and where to bet. Several bookmarks offer all sorts of betting in every sport including horse racing.

This is probably an important step because you need to choose a good platform with nice betting options.

Select the horse

After selecting the horse race, you need to decide the horse you’ll bet on.

Get a form guide

Luckily, there are many free form guides available on the internet. However, form guides may vary but the fundamentals are always the same.

Here are some basic technologies which you have to keep in mind while reading the form guide.

  • Race time: time for which the race will be held.
  • Distance: the distance of the race.
  • Class: tells you the quality of the race.
  • Prize money: prize money won by the horse.
  • Group and Listed: performance of the horse in all groups.

It’s crucial to understand the relation between weight and margin. The margin in the distance of the horse from the winner.

While 1 length=1.5 kgs in weight. If a horse loses by 3 lengths, it would need a 3 kg round figure to get close to the winner.

Choose a bet type

There are numerous bet types out there. Here are some of the bets you can consider.

  • Best of The Best: it guarantees the highest price of the best of 3 totes.
  • Top Fluc: it guarantees the highest price of the better for their runner.
  • LuxDiv/ManDiv: this bet guarantees the best price of the official starting price.
  • Fixed price betting: the bettor selects the fixed price for his selection in the event.
  • Mid Tote: the bettor is paid the dividend of the second-highest of the 3 tots.
  • Starting Price: This is the official starting price of each runner. This is the last fixed price before the race.
  • Pick Your Field: it allows the bettor to select a field.
  • Lay Betting: it is available on a betting exchange. The bettor can back a runner to ‘not win.’

Choose a good bookmaker

While seeking a good bookmaker, you should keep 3 things in mind. The reliability, customer service, and value for money.

However, you should consider all the factors carefully before with an online bookie.

The key factors among the bookmakers are:

  • Their betting products.
  • Promotion offers
  • Value-add services, if any

Once, you’ve completed all the former steps, then you should sign up with a bookmaker. Some licensed betting agencies are:

  • Blue Bet
  • Play Up
  • Uni Bet
  • Bet 365
  • Sports Bet
  • Bet Fair

Place Your Bet

Placing an online bet is simple and convenient. Then log in to your account and deposit some money in your account (if not done already)

Let’s assume that you want to back Winx in the Melbourne Cup. Further, you would:

  • Go to the racing menu.
  • Select the racetrack, where you want to bet. (Flemington)
  • Choose the race track. (Race 8)
  • Select the number of the horse you want to bet on. (Winx=no.3)
  • Then select the bet type (Top fluctuation)
  • Enter your betting amount.
  • Hit the ‘Confirm Bet’ button.

Hurray: you’ve successfully placed a bet.

The Big Picture

Now, you’ve learned the guide required to win. By this point, you’re far well-equipped to make your first bet online.

Make sure to read the guide again whenever necessary. This guide has already given you a leading-edge, so take the full advantage.

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