Crickex Review & Alternative Sites for Indian Players 2024

If you love cricket and betting, Crickex and its alternatives might be what you are looking for. It offers lots of betting options, especially for cricket fans.
In this article, we are going to help you find the best place to bet. Keep reading to learn about Crickex’s pros and cons, and see how it compares to other alternative options.

Alternative Sites

1. WinExch

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2. Fresh Casino

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5. Casinodays

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6. Lopebet

Lopebet offers a huge range of sports and casino games. It is very popular amongst Indian Players.

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7. Mostbet

Mostbet is amongst the favourite online casinos for India players. It has a huge variety of online games.

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8. Unibet

Unibet offers many amazing games and betting options. It is now available in India. It offers support 24/7.

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List Summary

Indian Players Allowed
Indian Currency Accepted
Licensed Yes
Welcome Bonuses Available
Alternative Site WinExch
Customer Support 24*7

What is Crickex?

What is Crickex?

Crickex is an online betting site popular among Indian players. It focuses mainly on cricket betting but also offers other sports betting options and casino games. 

What makes Crickex stand out is its user-friendly design and special features tailored for Indian bettors, such as accepting local payment methods like UPI and PhonePe. 

Players appreciate the competitive odds and the variety of markets available, which enhance the betting experience.

However, Crickex is not without its drawbacks. Some users find the selection of casino games limited compared to other platforms. 

Additionally, there have been complaints about slow withdrawal times, which can be frustrating for players eager to access their winnings. 

Despite these issues, It remains a go-to choice for many due to its strong focus on cricket, user-friendly interface, and commitment to catering to the Indian market.

How to Get Started?

Starting your journey on Crickex is straightforward and user-friendly. Whether you are a seasoned bettor or new to online betting, Crickex makes it easy to get up and running. 

From signing up to placing your first bet, the process is designed to be smooth and hassle-free. 

Here, we will guide you through the initial steps of registering an account and logging in, ensuring you can start exploring the vast betting options available on Crickex without any complications.

Sign Up

Creating a new account on the website is your first step towards enjoying the exciting world of online betting. To sign up, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Official Website – First, go to the official website and find the “Sign Up” button. This option is usually located at the top right corner of the homepage of the website.
  2. Fill Out the Registration Form – Clicking on “Sign Up” will open a registration form. You’ll need to enter some basic information like your name, email address, preferred username, and password. Make sure the information is accurate to avoid issues later.
  3. Verify Your Account – After submitting the form, you may need to verify your email address or phone number. This step is vital for the security of your account. The verification also ensures that only you have access to it.
  4. Complete Your Profile – Once verified, log in to your new account and complete any additional profile details required. This might include verifying your identity to comply with betting regulations.


After creating your account, accessing it is just a matter of a few clicks:

  1. Go to the website Login Page – Visit the website and click on the “Login” button, which you’ll find in the same area as the sign-up option.
  2. Enter Your Credentials – Type in the username and password you chose during the registration process. If you’ve forgotten your password, use the “Forgot Password” link to reset it.
  3. Secure Your Session – Depending on your device and location, you might be asked to complete a captcha to prove you’re not a robot. This is a security measure to protect your account.
  4. Explore Crickex – Once logged in, you’re all set to explore the various betting markets, casino games, and special promotions available on the website.

Crickex operates legally for its users. It has a license that allows it to run its betting services. This means it follows rules set by authorities that oversee online betting. 

Having such a license is important. It shows that a website is a safe place for betting. It works hard to protect the personal and payment info of its users. This makes sure that when people bet on sports or play casino games, they do so in a secure environment

Also, it follows laws that help prevent betting by people who are too young. It also supports safe betting practices. This is to make sure that betting remains a fun activity and does not turn into a problem. 

In short, Crickex’s legal standing is solid. This gives peace of mind to its users. They can enjoy betting without worrying about safety or legality.

Bonus and Promotions

Crickex stands out for its exciting bonuses and promotions. They offer a welcome bonus that gets new players off to a great start. Besides, there are weekly and monthly promotions to keep things interesting. 

For example, they might have special offers for big cricket matches or casino game tournaments. These bonuses can give you extra money to bet or free spins in the casino.

They also have a unique feature called the “Refer a Friend” bonus. If you bring your friends to Crickex, both you and your friend get a reward. This makes betting fun when you and your friends can enjoy and win together.

It keeps updating its promotions, so it is good to check their website often. Also, remember that all these bonuses come with terms and conditions. It is important to read and understand them so you know how to use the bonuses correctly and make the most out of them.

Overall, Crickex’s bonus and promotion system is designed to make your betting experience better and more exciting. Whether you are new to the site or a regular player, there’s always something special waiting for you.

Withdrawal takes too much time

Withdrawal takes too much time

Many users find that withdrawing winnings from Crickex can take longer than expected. Typically, the process involves several steps, including request submission, account verification, and the actual transfer of funds. 

Although these steps are standard for online betting platforms, they can contribute to delays. Factors like bank processing times and the verification of large winnings can further extend the waiting period. 

It is important for users to understand that while these delays can be frustrating, they are often part of ensuring that all transactions are secure and comply with legal requirements.

High Taxes on Winnings

One significant factor affecting the withdrawal times on Crickex is the high taxes imposed on winnings. In some regions, legal stipulations require the platform to deduct a substantial portion of the winnings as tax before disbursing them. 

This not only reduces the amount players receive but also adds administrative steps to the withdrawal process. 

For players, it is crucial to be aware of the tax implications of their winnings. Understanding these regulations can help manage expectations regarding the amount and timing of withdrawals, and ensure compliance with local tax laws.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Crickex

Crickex offers several benefits and drawbacks for its users. One of the main advantages is its focus on cricket betting, which makes it a top choice for cricket fans in India. 

The site provides a wide variety of cricket betting options. This allows users to place bets on their favorite matches and players. Another advantage is the user-friendly interface. It is easy to navigate, which makes betting simple and quick, even for beginners.

However, Crickex also has some disadvantages. A significant drawback is the limited variety of casino games. Compared to other betting sites, Crickex does not offer as many games outside of sports betting.

This can be a downside for users who enjoy a diverse gaming experience. Another issue is the slow withdrawal process.

Some users have reported delays in receiving their winnings. This can be frustrating, especially for those who need quick access to their funds. Overall, while Crickex is great for cricket betting and offers a user-friendly platform, it falls short in game variety and speed of withdrawals. Users should weigh these factors when deciding whether Crickex meets their betting needs.

Multiple types of betting are Available but Games are Minimal

Crickex offers a wide range of betting options, especially for sports fans. Bettors can choose from cricket, football, and more, making it a great spot for sports enthusiasts. However, when it comes to casino games, the choices are more limited.

While you can find some popular games like slots and a few table games, the variety is not as big as what you might see on other sites. 

This might be a bit disappointing if you love playing different types of casino games. On Crickex, the focus is more on sports betting.

This setup is perfect if you mainly want to bet on sports. But if you are looking to try a lot of different casino games, you might find the options at Crickex a bit too few. It is good to keep this in mind if you are deciding where to play.

Benefits of Playing at Alternative Sites

Benefits of Playing at Alternative Sites

Choosing alternative betting sites to Crickex can offer several benefits. These sites often have a broader range of games, which means more choices for players. If you like to try new games often, these sites can be more exciting.

They might also have different types of bets that Crickex does not offer. Another advantage is better bonuses.

Some sites give bigger welcome bonuses or more free spins. This means you can play more without spending extra money. These bonuses can help new players start off strong and can keep regular players happy.

Lastly, some alternative sites might handle money transactions faster. This is important if you want to get your winnings quickly. They might also offer more payment options that are easy to use in India, like UPI and Paytm. This makes it easier to deposit and withdraw money whenever you need.

Exploring other sites can make your betting experience better by providing more games, better bonuses, and quicker access to your winnings.

Crickex Vs Alternative Betting Sites

Legit Gambling Licence

Crickex operates with a valid gambling license, which assures players of its legality and safety. This is similar to many reputable betting sites that also hold proper licenses.

These licenses ensure that all betting activities are monitored and comply with legal standards, offering peace of mind to players.

Welcome Bonus and Free Spins

Crickex attracts new players with appealing welcome bonuses and free spins, a common practice among betting sites. However, the value and frequency of these bonuses can vary. While Crickex offers competitive bonuses, some alternative sites may provide more lucrative or frequent promotions to entice new users and reward loyal customers.

Indian Friendly Payment Methods Like UPI, PhonePe, etc.

Crickex supports several payment methods that are popular in India, such as UPI and PhonePe, making it convenient for Indian players to deposit and withdraw funds. This focus on localized payment solutions is critical, as it ensures easy transactions.

Alternative betting sites also often offer these and other widely-used payment options to cater to the Indian market.

Responsible Gambling

Crickex promotes responsible gambling by providing tools and resources to help players control their betting habits. This is a standard practice among trustworthy betting platforms, which strive to ensure a safe gambling environment. They offer features like self-exclusion and limits on deposits to prevent gambling addiction, similar to other responsible sites.

Customer Assistance

Customer Assistance

Customer assistance at Crickex is easy to access. If you need help, you can talk to a person using live chat. You can also send an email. They have a lot of information on their website to help you too. 

If you have a question, you can probably find the answer there. They want to make sure you have a good experience, so they try to help you quickly and politely.


Crickex stands out as a viable option for Indian bettors, especially cricket enthusiasts. However, the platform’s limitations in-game variety and the potential for slow withdrawals highlight the importance of considering alternative sites. By comparing features, bonuses, and user experiences, bettors can find the best platform that aligns with their preferences and needs.