Google Pay Betting Sites – Best of 2024

You’re probably aware of Google Pay’s massive takeover of the e-wallet and e-transfer industries (and if you’re not, how does it feel living under a rock?) Google Pay, or G-Pay, has cracked the secret of making online transactions faster, engaging, and safer for consumers thanks to its simple payment procedures and, of course, the beloved gift cards.

You’d have to waste a lot of time searching for the best Google Pay betting sites if you went out looking for them on your own. That’s why we’ve already done the legwork for you.

All the betting sites with Google Pay are already listed here, so you can focus on what you enjoy most – playing and winning money!

Best Google Pay Betting Sites of 2024

1. Casumo

Casumo has redefined betting for google pay users. It has one of the simplest deposit and withdrawal process.

Bonuses for newcomers up to ₹20,000!

2. 22bet

22Bet has the biggest collection of sporting events from all over the world. It goes far beyond cricket and football.

Bonuses of ₹12,000 for every newcomer!

3. Pure Casino

Recently Rebranded as Pure Win, this is an excellent Google Pay betting site with awesome bonuses for new players.

Bonuses up to ₹10,000 after first deposit!

4. 10cric

10Cric is not just for cricket, but it offers a lot. It even has a super awesome casino as well.

Bonus of ₹10,000 and 100 free spins for newcomers!

5. Betwinner

BetWinner offers lots of bonuses when you make your first deposit with Google Pay.

Bonus for newcomers – first 200 free spins!

6. ComeOn

ComeOn is a popular brand. Its Accepts GPay and many other payment methods with Indian Rupees.

Bonus of ₹5,000 and 100 free spins.

GPay Betting Sites - Info & Summary

Listed Betting Sites 6
GPay Accepted Yes, on All
Min Deposit ₹500
Max Deposit ₹50,000
Free Bets Up to ₹7,000
First Deposit Bonus 100% Up to ₹10,000

Indians Like using Google Pay Betting Sites

We all know at least one Indian who uses Google Pay? Google Pay was first introduced to the world in 2018 and has since swept us off our feet. It quickly became one of the most popular payment methods among Indians. But did you know how crazy good it is when used in tandem with online casinos and betting sites?

Indians Like using Google Pay Betting Sites

With the emergence of Google Pay came a huge rise in Google Pay betting sites which are nothing but online betting sites that use GPay as a primary method of payment i.e. for deposits and withdrawals. Today, all popular betting sites offer Google Pay as a method of payment. This was inevitable if one were to take the various benefits Google Pay provided!

Google Pay gives users access to a variety of unique payment methods, including QR codes for mobile pairing and payment transfers via a Universal Payments Interface (UPI) tag. Google Pay gives a great incentive and rewards scheme, sometimes providing a referral bonus in which you can earn cashback incentives by referring a friend to use Google Pay. (I am guilty of roping in my mother on this platform JUST because of the referral bonus!)

GPay does not simply submit the card information to a merchant, but borrows from credit card technology – each time you make a transaction, a new virtual account number is created.

Bettors were able to take advantage of all of these lucrative deals and make fast deposits and withdrawals using the best Google pay betting sites. It was almost a dream deal for gamblers. This is why GPay betting sites and GPay have become extremely popular among Indians! The trend has picked up some speed and I don’t think Indians will get tired of Google Pay betting sites anytime soon!

How to use Google pay to Deposit at Betting Sites?

Do not worry if you’re new to Google Pay betting sites and have no clue how to deposit money with it. I will be guiding you on how to go about it at the top Google Pay betting sites. Depositing using GPay is super easy and won’t be a hassle!

  • First, you need to go to the website or mobile app (whatever you prefer) of the betting sites with Google Pay.
  • Now look for an icon titled Deposit and click on it. You will be asked to enter the amount of the deposit. Decide how much money you want to put down. If the amount is less than the casino’s minimum required amount, it will be flagged.
  • Next, you will be asked to choose a deposit method. Since GPay uses UPI, you will have to select UPI here.
  • After selecting the deposit method and confirming the transaction, you will need to open your GPay app and copy your UPI ID.
  • The casino will bring you to a page where you will need to fill in the UPI ID, so do that.
  • After you have filled in all the necessary information, you will receive a notification from Google Pay asking to confirm the payment.
  • Once you click on the “Pay” option on the Google Pay app, your transaction will be completed and the amount will be deposited into your Google Pay betting site’s casino’s player account!

You should know that there are no fees associated with making transactions via Google Pay. Moreover, the best Google Pay betting sites also do not charge any fees. You may be required to verify your account on Google Pay if you are new to the app.

How to Withdraw from Betting sites that accept Google Pay?

Withdrawals are usually deemed as a difficult process at online casinos and I won’t completely disagree. Some withdrawal methods do create a lot of problems when making withdrawal but Google Pay isn’t like that!

withdraw from google pay betting sites

Making withdrawals from betting sites with Google Pay is super easy and instant because it uses UPI technology! If you have never made a withdrawal using Google Pay on an online casino or betting site, I am going to take you through each step of the withdrawal at the best Google pay betting sites!

  • To withdraw your winnings, the first step is to go to your account and select the “cashout” option. This option may be named the “withdraw” option as well.
  • After you do that, you will be asked to enter the amount you want to withdraw. Now there may be some withdrawal limits that have been set up by the betting site. So keep that in mind.
  • Once you have entered the amount, you will be asked to select your preferred method of making withdrawals.
  • Now there is a good chance that you would not see Google Pay clearly written in the list of withdrawal options. You need to select the ‘UPI’ option. As mentioned earlier in the deposits section, Google Pay uses UPI and hence, comes under that category.
  • You will then need to fill in the necessary details and approve the transaction.
  • In a few minutes, the withdrawal will be completed and the money will move from your account at the Google Pay betting site to your bank account.

Since Gpay is linked to your bank account, any winnings will be credited directly to your bank account. The maximum amount you can withdraw using GPay is 1 lakh rupees. If you’re someone who’s raking in money at the top Google Pay betting sites (I hope you are), you will have to slowly withdraw your money!

It is also possible that on your first withdrawal from a Google Pay betting site, you may need to go through a verification process. This is done by all the best Google Pay betting sites to ensure that there are no scams or frauds.

At some Google Pay betting sites, you will be allowed to make withdrawals using GPay, only if you have made a deposit using GPay. The betting sites with Google Pay do all of this only to protect you and ensure your security. Google Pay betting sites have plenty of other payment methods as well so do not be misled to believe that “Google Pay” betting sites are limited to the use of GPay.

Google Pay is Absolutely Safe for Betting Online

Google Pay makes no compromises when it comes to user security. It bolsters it with a suite of top security features that help prevent hacking, detect fraud, and protect user identity. Google Pay, as well all know, is an international corporation which means that it’s a legal payment process. The GPay portal, as well as the RBI’s UPI portal, are both encrypted.

Even the GPay betting site where you are playing uses the most up-to-date encryption and firewall technologies to protect your personal and financial information. It’s also a good idea to create a strong PIN and keep an eye on your Google Pay account. It is not intended for others to have access to, which may be detrimental to your financial well-being.

Google Pay is a well-known and secure UPI app. It’s directly connected to your bank account. When a transaction fails, the funds will be refunded to your account within a few days! Furthermore, Google Pay’s customer service is excellent at resolving any problems. Leave all your worries and feel free to use Google pay betting sites!

Requirements to have a Google Pay account for Betting

Just like any other service, there are some basic and reasonable requirements that you need to fulfill to have a Google Pay account. Allow me to discuss these requirements with you!

google pay requirements


You must be 16 years of age or above to use Google Pay. You must have your parent or legal guardian’s permission to use Google Pay and agree to the Terms if you are 16 or older but under 18 years of age. The catch here is that betting sites with Google Pay would not allow you to bet if you are below 18 years of age. Hence, the legal age to play at the best Google Pay betting sites is 18 years. If you are below 18 years of age, you shouldn’t be looking at the betting sites with Google Pay or any betting sites for that matter. However, you can still use the Google Pay app for your daily payment requirements; it’s pretty handy and millions use it, so there’s your proof that it works.


You must already know this but to use the top Google Pay betting sites, you also need to have a bank account. Why am I even mentioning this! As Google Pay will directly connect to your bank account, it’s obvious that there needs to be a bank account in the first place! Google Pay is not a virtual wallet like Paytm meaning you cannot keep your money on the platform! It is also mandatory that a phone number is linked to your bank account as this number will be used when setting up Google Pay.


The acronym KYC stands for ‘Know Your Customer’. It is a verification mechanism that helps the financial intermediaries to validate and thereby verify your authenticity. This authenticity is used to verify your identity and address. Customers of this financial service will be asked to apply KYC documents to verify their identity and address. The documents needed are usually the ones that can verify your identity. For example, your Aadhar card. It is always a good idea to get a KYC done as soon as possible to ensure that you can use Google Pay easily in the future.

Mobile Device

You will not be able to use Google Pay if you do not have a mobile device with a viable internet connection. You can always use your desktop to access Google Pay but using it on a mobile device is much more convenient given the easy-to-understand interface of the app.

Technical Benefits of Using Google Pay for Betting

This is not going to be only talk and no-show posts. I will now be proving to you how Google Pay has several benefits to offer if used for betting! Let us begin!

Safer than Credit Cards

I can say without a doubt that using credit cards on betting sites with Google Pay is always a bad idea. Credit cards are equivalent to taking loans and if you have bad spending habits, using credit cards could drive you deep into debts. If you are a bettor, you would understand how easy it is to get zoned out by your emotions and overspend.

safe for betting

When you use options like Google Pay, the money that you spend on a betting site with Google Pay gets deducted from your bank account. When the money is reduced in your account and you receive a message from your bank, you become conscious and make rational decisions.

Not only that, when you use credit cards, there is a chance that your credentials are saved on the internet. It exposes you to the risk of fraud and scams. Google Pay uses UPI technology in which a UPI ID is created and you do not need to fill in your credentials!

Faster Transactions

faster transanctions

The transactions are much faster on the best Google Pay betting sites. In most cases, the transaction will happen in seconds but even if there’s a slight delay, the maximum time it would take is 3 hours. All you have to do is authorize the transaction by clicking on “Pay”. It’s as simple as that! If the sender sends a payment through their bank account, payments are immediate or take a few hours. Payments made via bank accounts will take 3 to 5 business days to arrive.

Direct Bank Transfers (No Wallet System)

Google Pay is not exactly a wallet. Your money is not stored in an app like Paytm and other e-wallets. This means that there is a direct bank transfer involved in the case of Google Pay. If you are wondering how this is beneficial, let me explain it to you. When you keep your money in an e-wallet, you are losing the interest that you may have gotten if the money were in your bank account. Since GPay does not store any money for you, you do not lose any interest! Plus, you wouldn’t have to deal with the confusion of keeping your funds at two several places; all your money is only in your bank account!

Works 24/7

Another benefit of using GPay is that you can make transactions at any time. There are no working and non-working hours in the picture. You won’t have to deal with bank holidays or strikes. If you enjoy late-night enjoyment at betting sites with Google Pay, you can easily make payments and withdrawals on Google Pay betting sites!

Google Pay Limits for Betting Deposits

Too much of anything is not good and the same goes for betting. The limits, be it daily or per transaction, is the best Google Pay betting sites’ way of ensuring that their customers are well-guarded from the evil of gambling addiction. Minimum limits are also necessary from the casinos’ perspective so that customers do not deal in pennies and the betting sites make their due share of profit.

google pay betting deposit limits

Daily Limit

The daily limit to make deposits at the top Google Pay betting sites is 1,00,000 INR. Moreover, you cannot send money using GPay more than 10 times a day. Try a different bank account if you have not reached the UPI limit and you’re still having problems. Sometimes, your bank limits how much you may send or receive within a given period of time. Contact your bank’s customer care in such cases.

Transaction Fees

There are no transaction fees associated with Google Pay. Depositing at Google pay betting sites is completely free. You won’t win a different amount and receive a different amount in your bank account. Tons of payment providers out there eat up a significant share of the gambler’s profit which is really unjust.

Betting Sites that Accept Google Pay are Rising

Within 4 years, Google Pay has managed to emerge as the leading payment method in India. All the possible reasons for this trend have been already mentioned above.

With more and more people leaning towards Google Pay, betting sites have also started offering Google pay as a deposit method. It’s the simple rule of demand and supply! The reason for Google Pay’s success is its free-of-cost transactions which are not only easy to make but also instant.

The fact that Google Pay uses UPI and has various lucrative offers are also good reasons for the success of betting sites with Google Pay. For bettors, this is a perfect combo and it can easily be deduced that in the coming time, we will see a lot more Google Pay betting sites!

My advice for you would be to not delay any further and hop on this bandwagon! A list of the most lucrative betting sites with Google Pay is already mentioned above.

There are more Google Pay Casinos than Betting Sites

You’ve already noticed that several betting sites accept Google Pay as a payment method. But did you know that there are way more casinos that accept Google Pay? Contrary to Google Pay betting sites that mostly revolve around making a good guess/estimate of a future event, casinos offer games and a player’s success depends on both his luck and the skills. We know you are excited for us to discuss these casinos, so, here I go!

casinos with gpay

Casino Days

Casino Days is an online casino that was launched in 2020 and has been popular among Indians ever since! Casino Days has a large number of online slot machines to choose from. They have a fun live casino where you can play both classic and Indian casino games. They also embrace a variety of simple and convenient deposit options like Google Pay and Paytm.

In India, Casino Days is one of the most user-friendly online casino sites. The casino platform is chock-full of the latest table games and slot machines from reputable casino software providers. If you prefer live table games or other slot machines, you’ll find a great range here!


This isn’t your average casino with a cartoonish design or a carbon copy of other casinos. Instead, it’s a brand-new entry into the online casino industry that promises a thrilling gaming experience that’s out of this world. Genesis Casino is a new name in the Indian online casino industry. It is a mobile-friendly interface and a space theme. It was given the name Genesis after the company that produced it, Genesis Global Limited.

Despite being a relatively new service to online gaming, it has some well-reviewed sisters such as Vegas Hero, Sloty, and Spinit. This casino’s website site is available in many languages hence it’s much easier to find important details, create an account, and play games – especially for the old-school Indian crowd! Genesis also offers UPI (that means Google Pay) as a payment option for the users.

Casino Planet

Imagine a casino the size of a gigantic public library (in an online space, of course) with all the online casino games you may possibly think of. That’s what Casino Planet is all about! If you prefer live Blackjack, progressive jackpot games like Mega Moolah, intriguing video slots like Cash Noire, or simply live Roulette, Casino Planet has you covered. For Indian players, it is one of the best options as it has many Indian Games like Teen Patti and Andar Bahar. More importantly, it has India’s favorite payment option – Google Pay!

Final Advice Before Using Google Pay Betting Sites

The gambling world is treacherous! Not only do you have to win at the table and the games, but you also have to fight off your innate nature to keep pouring money in a betting site with Google Pay in the hope to walk away with a fortune.

Plan your Budget

It’s understandable that emotions will influence your betting decisions, but don’t blow all of your hard-earned cash on the Google Pay betting sites. It’s always a bad idea to do so, and you’ll regret it once you’ve finished playing.

Make a budget to figure out how much money you can spend at the betting sites with Google Pay. Since betting should be done mostly for pleasure, keep this number as low as possible.

Follow Advice of Tipsters (like FoxDesi)

Tipsters are the people or sites that provide you tips related to betting. Even if you’re not a rookie, it is always a great idea to follow the advice given by these tipsters.

These tipsters are usually experts who guide you and tell you how to bet. Some of the most famous tipsters are Fox Desi, FunBet System, Son of draws, and others.

You can easily find these tipsters by doing a simple Google search. Having said that, I also want to mention that you should not blindly trust any of the tipsters. Listen to their advice but use your own mind and understanding because if you lose, your money is gone and you cannot hold them responsible!

Using a strategy like a Martingale

Almost every popular sports or casino bettor employs some kind of plan or scheme. Some are straightforward to use, whereas others are very complex and need years of refinement and knowledge. However, opening a sportsbook account and then betting without a plan would almost always fail in the long run.

One such strategy is the Martingale system. When using the Martingale betting scheme, you double your losing bets before you score. That’s what there is to it. For instance, if you win $10 on your first bet, you put that money aside and bet another $10. If you lose your first bet of $10, you’ll bet $20 on the next bet. If that bet loses, you’d bet $40 on the next bet. This goes on until you potentially recoup all of your losses while holding onto your initial investment.

There are various other strategies like Martingale, for example, Matched Betting, Betfair Trading, The Kelly Criterion, Fibonacci Method, and others. You can read about these methods and then select whichever method you think is the best for you!

Bet only on matches you can watch

Some people will suggest you to not watch a match while betting as it could increase your stress and lead you to make bad decisions. You will instead be told to follow the advice of tipsters and use strategies instead.

Yes, you should do all that but why would you miss out on the match! Even if you are an expert in the sport, you should still stay informed about the latest developments in the game. Check out both teams’ recent form, scoring records, and previous head-to-head matches.

Will a key player be absent from the game? Are there any players who have been injured? What is the schedule for both teams in the near future? If you have all of this information, your chances of winning a bet increase. You cannot get all these minute details without watching the match. It is always better to bet on a match that you can watch! You never know how a small turn of events could lead to losses for you!

On the same lines, you should always bet in games you understand. Profits are to be made everywhere, it’s your expertise that counts! If you’re a IPL or cricket geek and have no clue about football, there’s no way you should tread in an unexplored territory

FAQS about G-Pay Betting Sites

Can I withdraw from Betting sites using Google Pay?

Yes, you can easily withdraw from Google Pay betting sites! The withdrawals are as easy as deposits. There aren't any fees associated with withdrawals on betting sites with Google Pay. To withdraw, you just have to choose UPI or Google Pay (as the case may be) as your preferred mode of withdrawal.

Are betting sites that accept Google Pay legal and safe?

In India, Google Pay betting sites are legal and safe. In reality, there is nothing illegal about placing bets online. Since the betting sites with Google Pay are located outside India, you are not breaking any laws by playing on them. You should be assured that these Google Pay betting sites are safe because they have gaming and gambling licenses from major companies! Secondly, Google Pay is a widely used payment service in India and it's totally legit.

Are there casino games at these betting sites too?

Most of the betting sites with Google Pay offer casino games. In fact, the betting sites are originally a casino which offers sports betting too! Having said that, several sites are only related to betting and do not have casino games. If you want to enjoy both betting and casino games, there are a plethora of sites that offer both.

Which all sports can I bet on GPay betting sites?

The number of sports that you can play using Google Pay betting sites depends on the betting site. Most GPay betting sites have a large variety of sports to bet on. Popular sports like cricket, football, and basketball will be available on almost all Google Pay betting sites. If you prefer betting on not-so-popular sports, it would be a good idea to check out the sportsbook before registering on a betting site.

Is there any transaction fee for using Google Pay?

Using Google Pay to deposit on a betting platform is completely free! Any time a user makes or receives a payment, many common payment services, and Indian e-wallets charge a transaction fee. This is not the case with Google Pay. To remain competitive among India's many e-wallets, Google Pay has agreed to keep their service fee-free for the time being, making it extremely inexpensive to deposit or withdraw money on a betting platform using this service!

What are some alternatives to Google Pay?

Besides Google Pay, there are tons of other options for you! Some other payment methods that betting sites offer are Skrill, Bitcoin, Neteller, Paytm, Bank Transfers, and Visa/Mastercard.