Best Online Betting Sites in India

Thanks to technical advancements accelerating at a breakneck pace, betting sites in India have evolved more than India’s GDP. In recent years, we’ve observed an increase in the number of online betting sites that not only accept Indian players but also adapt their services for them. “Customer Is King” has become synonymous with “Indians are King” in the betting industry.

Almost every casino now offers deposits in Indian rupees (INR)–and Donald Trump wanted the $USD to be a world currency, haha! It can be difficult to choose which online betting sites in India are the finest but I am here to assist you! I’ve already done the research and rated the numerous Indian betting sites so that you don’t have to. Christmas came early fellas! But please don’t call me Santa! Indeed, I’m a little “healthy”, have a white beard, but unlike him, I make promises AND fulfill them!

Best Online Betting Sites of 2024 – Top 10

1. WinExch

WinExch is one of the emerging betting brand in India that offers Indian-Friendly payment methods.

100% Welcome Bonus up to Rs 25,000

2. Fresh Casino

Fresh Casino is the best casino site in India for various reasons. It is made for India with all Indian deposit and withdrawal methods.

100% Welcome Bonus up to Rs 1000

3. SOL Casino

SOL Caisno introduced online casino in India to a lot of people. Its the first website a lot of players join.

100% Welcome Bonus up to Rs 1000

4. Jet Casino

Jet Casino stands out amongst the top online casinos in India. It has 24*7 customer support.

100% Welcome Bonus up to Rs 1000

5. Lopebet

Lopebet was the first online betting site to start accepting UPI deposits. It is a pioneer in the sports industry.

Get up to 115 000 INR + 500 FS for the 4 first deposits

6. Mostbet

Mostbet has an easy to use interface and it's loved by all players for its simplicity.

First Deposit Bonus 125% upto 25,000 INR

7. Pure Casino

Pure Win is new to the scene. They have all popular deposit methods which Indian love & Withdrawal is fast too.

Bonuses up to ₹10,000 after first deposit!

8. Rabona

Rabona is world-class online casino. It known worldwide and now it allows Indian players to participate. Numerous payment methods.

Bonuses up to ₹10,000 for everyone!

9. Unibet

Unibet is one of the biggest sites in the World. Its loved by Europeans and Indian's have started loving it too.

Bonus of 200 free spins for newcomers!

10. Casinodays

Casinodays is one of the best among online casinos. There are more than 1000 betting games. It also has support 24/7.

Bonuses up to ₹10,000 and 50 free spins!

Summary of Online Betting Sites

Total Betting Sites 14
Indian Rupees Yes
Minimum Deposit ₹55
Maximum Bonus ₹25,000
Legal in India Yes
Mobile Betting Available

If you’ve ever pondered using online betting sites in India, you’ve probably been curious about the legal consequences. Perhaps your friends or family have cautioned you about the legal ramifications of utilizing online betting sites in India.

India’s gambling rules can be perplexing and difficult to comprehend, just like their other policies! You’ll be pleased to know India allows online betting. This is because there are no explicit laws or constitutional actions prohibiting people from placing bets online in India. This means that Indian citizens are free to use online betting sites in India run by foreign corporations. How ironic it is that no one cares about the “Make In India” thing as soon as there’s money and entertainment involved!

online betting sites are legal safe and popular

Local sites are not permitted to operate online betting operations. However, non-Indian sites may do so as long as they take Indian rupees. Although there are no formal regulating authorities in India, many of these foreign sites are controlled by reputable international organizations such as the Malta Gaming Authority, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, and others. Most online betting sites in India list their regulatory body at the bottom of their page, so double-check the legitimacy of the site before signing up.

These regulatory authorities and licensing make the best online betting sites in India absolutely safe for bettors. Having a license means that the online betting site is regularly inspected and fair play is ensured. The responsible gaming feature on the best betting sites in India is an example of how licensed and regulated online betting sites in India are important.

In recent years, the best online betting sites in India have been actively courting the Indian public. India ranks second on the list of most active internet users in the world, with almost 400 million users. All hail Reliance Jio! Personally, I love what Jio has done–put a full stop to those annoying Vodafone ads! This, combined with Indians’ passion for sports, particularly cricket, has propelled sports betting to new heights in terms of popularity in India.

Our Criteria To Rank the Best Betting Sites in India

We have a strict set of criteria that an online betting site needs to meet in order to make it to our list of recommendations. After all, if we admitted every casino on our list, what’s the point! These pointers have been curated keeping in mind the need for bettors like you. Here is the list of things we verify so that we only give you the best sports betting sites in India!

ranking criteria for betting sites

Online Betting & Gambling License

To make it to our list, an online betting site has to have a legit betting and gambling license. Indian bettors are accepted by a large number of offshore online betting sites. While the majority of them are safe and secure, others are fraudulent and simply seek to defraud players in the country. To tell the difference between the two, we look to see if they have a valid gambling license.

Licensed sports betting sites in India assure the security of their customers’ money and personal information. Their financial statements are audited on a regular basis by their official regulators. This is done to verify that bookies follow the rules and do not engage in illicit behavior. The last thing you’d want in an online casino is to lose your adrenaline AND your personal information!

These (regulated) sports betting sites in India HAVE to follow the pre-decided regulations for promoting responsible gambling. As a result, they provide features that allow players to track and control their betting patterns, set spending limits, and even seek assistance if they have a gambling addiction. Rest assured, you won’t be stamping gambling patches on your forearm or snorting gambling powder either!

Verified Payout History

Nobody likes long payout timelines, or even worse–receiving no payouts at all! And if you do, did your head hurt when you fell? Online betting sites in India that use a variety of justifications to delay paying out winnings are likely to be untrustworthy. As a result, such online betting sites will never make it to our list–and they shouldn’t yours as well!

One of the biggest red flags is if the sports betting site makes excuses for extended withdrawal delays or says that the account requires an “Audit”. The online betting site is most likely using these methods to avoid paying you!

Our experts always go to the online betting sites in India and get first-hand experience as a player. We do this in order to verify that the payout is exactly as claimed by the online betting site. So, if we recommend a sports betting site, you can trust us and bet on it. But don’t blame us if you cannot withdraw your winnings because you didn’t win any, haha!

Quality of Betting Odds

The bookmaker’s business relies heavily on odds. They are the bookies’ bread and butter since that is how they make a living. Calculating the odds is a difficult and important job, and bookmakers only hire the best in their area for the job. Before releasing the price, these personnel gather the essential data, add the cash flow estimates, and determine the odds’ margin. They do this on a daily basis for millions of events in a variety of sports and tournaments.

Our priority is to check that the quality of odds you are getting at these best online betting sites in India is fair. Be it American, Fractional, or Decimal odds, we check the quality of each odds. This is important because these odds ultimately decide how much you win while betting on sports.

Timely Availability of Matches & Games

Yes live betting is important but so is pre-match betting, right? This is why we always like to check that the matches, as well as games, are not only available when they are aired but the odds are made available even before the matches. We realize that there are different kinds of bettors, some who like to bet before the match, and some like to bet during the matches. As a result, we look for the best online betting sites in India with a similar belief.

We also check that the pre-match odds are available for how long before the match. Giving the odds a few minutes before the match is pretty much useless, right? We know you agree and that is why we try to include only those online betting sites in India that provide the betting odds much before the match has actually begun.

Indian Rupees

As an Indian player, you will undoubtedly prefer to deposit and withdraw in Indian Rupee on the best online betting sites when placing bets. Dealing in Indian currency not only comes with simplicity and zero confusion about international transactions but helps you save money that might have otherwise gone into heavy conversion fees.

Furthermore, an online betting site that accepts Indian Rupee has a deeper understanding of Indian bettors about what games and sports do Indians prefer, and what kind of banking methods are favored by Indians. These reasons are exactly why we try to always recommend sites that accept Indian rupees.

According to our sources at, a huge majority of the online casino sites that operate in India will be accepting Indian rupees. The few that don’t make up for it by their top-notch games and service!

How To Sign Up For Online Betting Sites In India?

When you are new to the online betting world, signing up could feel like a big deal. You’ll be relieved to find that whichever online betting site you choose, a simple sign-up process awaits you. I mean, if it wouldn’t be simple, how would I’ve done it! It should take no more than ten minutes to set up everything. After that, you’re ready to start betting for real money!


So, with that in mind, let’s get started! When it comes to opening an online betting site account in India, here’s everything you need to know.

Choose a Credible Betting Site

When you decide to start investing in the stock market, you choose a credible broker for yourself, right? Similarly, before investing your money into betting, the first step is to choose a credible betting site.

There are plenty of online betting sites on the internet but not all of them deserve your time or money. In fact, some of them can scam you! I will be talking more about this further. Coming back, you should always choose a sports betting site that is safe as well as enjoyable. That said, you can choose any one of the best online betting sites in India mentioned in our list!

As an Indian bettor, it’s good news that you have a wide variety of credible online betting sites in India that accept Indian players. Finding the one that ticks all the appropriate boxes, whether it’s odds, payment options, live betting, customer support, or the welcome bonus, has never been easier! Just remember to have your OWN criteria. We’ll help you but it’s YOUR call at the end of the day. Surely, you’re not going to let an internet writer dictate what you do with your money, or are you?

Fill In The Necessary Details

Here comes the registration process! To do so, go to your preferred betting site’s homepage or if you’ve picked one of the sites mentioned above, touch the sign-up button. You’ll be directed to your selected betting site’s homepage, where you’ll need to fill in your personal information and create a login ID.

The personal information will include your full name, date of birth, location, phone number, email, and other relevant data. After you’re done filling in personal details, the next step would be to set up a username and a password. Some of the best online betting sites in India will ask you to create a username and password first, while others may ask you for personal information first–it depends!

Some online betting sites in India also ask you for your preferences like deposit limits (whether you’d want it to be daily, weekly, or monthly), how you want the odds displayed, your desired time zone, and a bunch of other stuff. It’s just like signing up for any social media app where you just give them what they need, otherwise, they won’t let you proceed! So at the end of it all, what choice do you have?

Get The bonus!

You should now have a fully functional betting account with the ability to place real-money bets. It’s also at this stage that you’ll be able to claim your welcome bonus!

infographic about sign up on betting sites in india

Depending on the type of betting bonus, you may receive an instant match on your first deposit or a risk-free bet when you place your first wager. Keep in mind that the welcome bonuses will only activate if you make a deposit. These bonuses also come with certain kinds of wagering requirements that must be met before you can withdraw your bonus.

Claim Free Bets To Learn & Practice Betting

claim free bets to practice A free bet is exactly what it sounds like–a chance to place a wager without having to pay or risk losing anything. When you place a free wager, the betting site assumes all the risks therein. These free bets are great for anyone new to betting and who just wants a trial.  When users join an online betting site, they are usually given free bets as a welcome bonus. On the other hand, established customers are awarded free bets regularly. So basically it pays to be both an infant and a senior, but not someone in the middle–just like life!

The risk of losing money deters new players from developing new strategies with a clear head. They are hesitant to explore, so they cling to the same substandard techniques. When you don’t have to worry about financial losses, you can focus on developing a strong strategy that’ll ultimately help you in real money games.

If the player wins, the winnings are his or hers to keep. You don’t lose any real money even if you lose. Hence, a safer choice is to try your hand at free betting options before diving into the world of online gambling and betting for real. Bettors can spend free bets on any event in their sportsbook including cricket, football, tennis, and kabaddi, among others.

Deposit Methods You Can Use At Online Betting Sites

Putting actual money into your betting account is the same as paying for any other thing you want to buy. Simply go to the cashier section, type in how much you want to deposit and how you want to deposit it, and after the transaction is completed, you may begin placing bets. You’re either going to regret this or be very happy that you did it!

deposit methods for online betting sites


The Unified Payments Interface, or UPI, is an Indian banking system that is backed by over 150 banks. Users can request and send money from and to their bank promptly using this top-rated payment tool. It is also available on mobile, and all that you need to send money is a UPI ID and PIN.

The UPI payment system is similar to the popular IMPS; the only difference being that UPI is more convenient. Instead of typing a complete account number, users can send money using a QR code, their phone number, or a VPA (a bank tag). The Virtual Payments Address (VPA) facilitates UPI betting site transactions to your Indian bank account with a bank tag.


Paytm has been in business since 2010 and is India’s largest and most popular payment gateway, providing services to both customers and merchants. Paytm Payments bank serves millions of Indians with their financial services. Paytm betting sites in India allow Indian punters to deposit and wager using this popular payment option.

It can be used to make payments both as a wallet and as a UPI, as long as your bank accounts are linked to the wallet and a UPI ID is in place. When using Paytm to make a deposit or withdrawal at a sports betting site, there are no additional fees or charges. On a lighter note, it happens to be the only bullet train that India can get!

Google Pay

Google Pay is a web-based payment system that allows users to send and receive money from their bank accounts. It is a UPI-based mobile payment app that you can use to pay a wide range of invoices. It has become one of the most popular payment apps in India due to the speed of its transactions and the convenience that it provides.

Withdrawal Process From Online Betting Sites

If you were fortunate enough to win money on your betting endeavor, how does it feel to have God by your side? So you might consider withdrawing some of it and spending it on something nice, but how do you do it?

In most cases, you can withdraw funds using the same method that you used to deposit. This is not always the case with credit cards, and you will most likely need to email the betting site your bank account information so that they may transfer your funds to you.

The best online betting sites in India provide various methods of withdrawals that range from bank transfers to UPI, Netbanking, Neteller, Skrill, Ecopayz as well as various cards like Visa and Mastercard. Here is how you make a withdrawal at the best online betting sites in India:

  • Navigate to the ‘Cashier’ section of your favorite online betting site. To begin your withdrawal, select the ‘Withdraw’ option.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose your favorite withdrawal method. Go ahead and select the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Either you’ll be requested to enter the payment method information or you’ll be taken to a new window with your chosen payment option. Fill in your information or authorize the payment as directed by your preferred method.
  • Your withdrawal will be activated once you’re done with all the above steps.

The best online betting sites in India will have some maximum and minimum withdrawal limits associated with different withdrawal methods. The minimum withdrawal amount for bank transfers and cards may be slightly lower than for eWallets. If you use welcome bonuses, free bets, or any of the other freebies offered by the betting site, you will be subject to wagering requirements. Before you can submit a withdrawal request, you will have to meet the wagering criteria.

One thing to keep in mind is that the time it takes to withdraw your money will vary greatly depending on the payment method you choose. Bank transfers, for example, can take up to seven days to appear in your account. Maybe because they spend half their time having lunch! Others, such as eWallets, are instantaneous. The majority of other options will take around 72 hours–I guess they eat fast!

We must tell you that getting your money from the betting site you played at can take some time, especially the first time you withdraw. There is a ZERO chance of you finding a reputable betting site in India that will allow you to withdraw funds without having to authenticate your account. This is because the sites must do a proper Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure to ensure that you are who you say you are and that the cash you are requesting is not obtained by unlawful means.

The following are some of the most common documents your betting site may request:

Most of these can be sent in before you deposit so that when it comes time to withdraw funds, it won’t take as long as it normally does for the first time.

Websites that Offer Free Betting Tips for New Players

Ah, tips! Do you mean those tiny pieces of information that make you money without you having to use a single portion of your brain? Yeah, who doesn’t love tips! Sarcasm aside, there are some genuine websites that’ll provide you advice on how to go about betting.

free betting tips


FoxDesi is a sports community that comprises various tipsters who present their views and give their tips about betting on different kinds of sports. The website was created by a group of Indian, Swedish, and German investors who all share a passion for sports.

It is aimed at sports fans all over the world who can participate as tippers and bettors. Registration at FoxDesi is completely free. All major football leagues and cricket tournaments including the EPL, ISL, Bundesliga, La Liga, Champions League, Ligue 1, Serie A, IPL, ICC World Cup, CPL, BBL, and other T20 events, are covered on


Invendium Ltd is the owner of OLBG. This website compiles a wealth of beneficial information for gamblers. Betting advice, methods, and free bet offers are among them. As a result, it’s a good location to go if you’re looking for a variety of betting-related information.

It’s the kind of site that can help novices get off on the right foot. You can learn a lot if you are willing to put in the time. Of course, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll win. After all, these are simply suggestions. However, the fact that it is free allows you an opportunity to at least check it out.

IPL Is The Most Popular Betting Event In India

The biggest reason I love the IPL is that it brings the everyday daily soap routine in my house to a halt! The IPL season is no less than a festival in India. The nation gets divided into 8 franchises, each representing a different city. During other months of the year, there are a lot more pieces than just 8!

For the numerous cricket enthusiasts in India, Indian Premier League (IPL) and cricket betting go hand in hand. If you’d ask a millennial what is India’s national sport, he’d probably shout cricket!

IPL is the most popular betting event in india

When a major IPL match is scheduled (like that of CSK vs MI), people flock to online betting sites in India to put informed bets before the match even begins. Cricket betting is becoming increasingly popular owing to technological improvements. Many Indians can now readily place bets on the internet.

They don’t even require a computer to do so thanks to mobile betting apps. Mobile betting allows bettors to place bets no matter where they are. You can be at your office facing your annoying boss or at home facing your (annoying) wife, and STILL be able to place a bet!

IPL has all the necessary elements to become the best cricket league in the world. It features players of several nationalities from around the world and it never fails to entertain. It’s easy to see why many people are interested in betting on this event. It’s a fantastic method for people to show their support for their favorite cricket teams or players. Betting also provides a better audience experience–it heightens the thrill and intensity of the games they are viewing.

Top Sports Offered by Betting Sites In India

If you’re an avid bettor and casino player, one sport isn’t enough! After all, every sport has an off-season and you wouldn’t want to be sitting idle during those times. Naturally, you’ll need more than one sport on your threshold.


Cricket is India’s unofficial national sport! Hence, the best betting sites in India will offer cricket betting for their customers COME WHAT MAY! The top betting sites in India cover all kinds of matches from general tournaments to the IPL. Given cricket’s popularity in India, it’s no surprise that some of the biggest cricket betting companies and exchanges provide Indian bettors with the finest odds and cricket betting markets. You’ll have numerous opportunities to win big!

top sports for betting in india


Even though cricket is India’s most popular sport, football maintains a devoted following across the country. Social media is full of people going back and forth on who’s the “real” G.O.A.T.–Ronaldo or Messi! (Ronaldo, of course!)

With football’s increasing popularity in India, more and more football betting sites in India are springing up! In Europe and other parts of the world, the sport is extremely popular. When it comes to locating a great football betting site, Indian players have a lot of options.

To put it simply, betting on the outcome of a football match is known as football betting. You can wager on whether a football team will win, lose, or draw a match. These are the simplest wagers to place. The riskier your wager, the better the odds you’ll get, and the more money you’ll make if the wager pays off!


How ironic it is that the audience goes crazy to see a bunch of men cross the line! Fans have been able to gamble on kabaddi using online kabaddi betting sites in India since the Pro Kabaddi League was founded in 2014. Millions of Indians join the biggest kabaddi betting sites every season to place bets on their favorite kabaddi team.

Now this means that while cricket remains the most popular sport to bet on in India, kabaddi has surpassed football as the second most popular sport to gamble on. The speed and agility of the players, which impresses the crowd, is the cause for kabaddi betting’s enormous popularity. Kabaddi has the ability to pique people’s interests from all around the world.


Tennis betting is available on almost every betting site in the world, but not all tennis betting sites in India are created equal. As players continue to win tournaments (famously known as Opens) around the world, tennis is garnering more and more eyeballs from India.

This has had a significant impact on tennis betting in India, which has been on the rise in recent years. Many online betting sites in India have emerged over time and offer both pre-match as well as live betting. All of the main tennis tournaments are covered by Indian betting services including the four Grand Slams, nine ATP Masters, and, of course, the women’s Premier events.


The connection between golf and sports betting is expanding at a breakneck speed. There was a time when selecting a winner before the match started was the only way to bet. However, now you’ll find live-betting for golf tournaments as well.

Golf has historically been known as a “rich” sport but its popularity has soared in recent years as a result of the PGA Tour’s inflow of fresh talent. There is no genuine offseason in golf, with four high-profile major events and tournaments taking place on courses all over the world every week.


The Olympics is one of the most popular sporting events in the world, not just among spectators but also among bettors. There are an awful lot of betting chances for the Olympic Games, with over 30 sports, nearly 50 categories, and hundreds of races.

While not every event will be accessible at every bookmaker, the best sports betting sites in India for the Olympics will provide you with a vast array of options. When it came to old-school betting, it was either team A or team B. Talking of Olympic sports betting today, you can wager on nearly everything–from the approximate time it’ll take a racer to finish to the position he’ll finish in.

Lawn Tennis

Remove the enclosing walls from tennis and you get lawn tennis! Simply put, it is a sport in which players use a racquet and a ball to play on a court with a net but no enclosing walls. Tennis is mostly a summer sport played in the open air on whitewashed grass courts, similar to a cricket field, or asphalt, cinders, gravel, wood, or earth.

Many online betting sites in India offer lawn tennis betting. You will easily be able to find both live betting as well as pre-match betting options on a betting site. Take note that sometimes, lawn tennis betting will be available in the tennis betting section. It seems like the sport isn’t THAT famous to get its own category yet!

Common Mistakes Beginners Make at Online Betting Sites

Beginners make mistakes irrespective of the industry, let alone betting sites! But there’s nothing to be embarrassed about; you can always get better! Here are some mistakes you should probably steer clear of:

Lack of Fixed Budget

betting mistakes Gambling can be addictive and if not done in a controlled manner, it can be very, very dangerous. Always set aside a particular amount of money that you are willing to spend on gambling and make sure that you do not go over that limit.

Giving yourself a set budget will help you stay disciplined and prevent you from losing more than you can afford to. When it comes to gambling, discipline is crucial, especially if you want to become a frequent winner. When you start putting money on the line that you can’t afford to lose, gambling ceases to be fun and becomes a problem–the kind of problem that needs rehab aka more money to get out of the money problem!

When you gamble, regardless of what you think your winning chances are, you are ALWAYS taking a risk. If you lose the money that you need for something else, you may face a plethora of problems. In the worst-case scenario, you may begin to pour even more in an attempt to reclaim it (which is called ‘averaging a loser’ in the stock market), and things may spiral out of control.

Lack of Betting Strategy

There are a few basic strategies you need to grasp and implement in order to make a profit from sports betting. By no means are any of these sports betting techniques mysteries, but sticking to them will help you make money when betting on sports. Almost EVERY bettor has come across some or the other strategy but lack of discipline washes away any rationality!

Bettors who do not follow any of these techniques are known as “squares” and it is from these types of bettors that sportsbooks make their money. To be successful at sports betting, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist, but you do need the appropriate tactics.

Many websites provide such betting strategies, which you can easily learn within a few days or weeks. Even if it takes time, my advice would be to always learn a strategy before actually heading over to the pitch.

Betting for Income Generation

Take it from me, the moment you start considering betting as a source of income is the moment your life is ruined. Gambling is a lot of fun and a great way to pass the time, but it’s simply too unpredictable to be a stable source of revenue. And no one should mistake it for one.

Instead, you should see it for what it is–a type of entertainment for which you pay money, which is similar to buying a book, a movie ticket, or a trip. It’s important to keep in mind that casino games aren’t designed to produce money for the player.

Never consider gambling a get-rich-quick strategy; it’s only meant for your amusement. Not to forget that there are numerous cases of people who have won millions and then gone destitute and in debt within a few years.

Online Betting Sites vs Fantasy Sports

Do not get confused between online betting sites in India and fantasy sports as both of them are quite different. The basic difference being that betting is a game of chance whereas fantasy sports are a game of skill.

Fantasy sports are online prediction games in which you assemble a virtual team. Real-life statistics are turned into fantasy points and you get points for how a player performs. The better your player performs in real life, the higher your fantasy points.

online betting vs fantasy sports

Players form fictitious or virtual teams made up of proxies of real players in a professional sport. These teams compete based on their players’ statistical performance in actual games. This performance is transformed into points, which are then added together and totaled according to a roster chosen by the manager of each fantasy club.

On the other hand, predicting sports results and making a wager on the outcome is known as sports betting. The best sports betting sites in India employ software to help you find and place your bets. Online casinos and poker rooms use tools that help you play the games you want to. Contrary to this, daily fantasy sports sites use software to help you make teams and enter them in virtual contests involving real money.

Betting Sites Worth your Time & Attention

We’ve been going on and on about doing this, avoiding that, blah, blah… It’s finally time to unveil our top 5 online betting sites in India that you should be logging into as we speak!

10Cric – For Cricket Lovers

The first one on our list of recommendations is 10 CRIC. It’s primarily an Indian site with undivided attention on cricket, India’s most popular sport! Their cricket betting is unrivaled, and they will go out of their way to assist you in solving any issues you may have.

The good thing is that it primarily targets Indian players. One of the most generous sign-up bonuses in the entire betting niche is offered here. There are numerous deposit alternatives available and they have customer support that is both quick and helpful. Additionally, 10CRIC accepts Indian rupees and local bank transfers. There aren’t many sites that can match an Rs. 20,000 welcome bonus. If this appears to be the site for you, visit it right now!

Join 10Cric India

22bet – Biggest Sport Collection

22Bet is an online gaming website based in Europe that was established in 2018. They strive to provide gamblers from all over the world with the greatest possible online betting experience. They have expanded beyond Europe and have traveled around the world since their establishment.

The huge sportsbook is 22Bet’s main attraction. Any player will be able to find his/her desired sports thanks to 22bet’s never-ending sportsbook. Their user interface is straightforward, and the odds are excellent, making for a wonderful player experience.

22Bet has something for everyone, regardless of what anyone’s favorite sports are. They even provide bets on esports, which can be more profitable than traditional sports betting. I think betting on esports began when parents gave up any hope of their child leaving the computer screen when playing Counter-Strike so they just thought of betting on it instead.

The option to place live bets during an event is another amazing feature that you get on This option adds to the excitement of online sports betting by allowing you to place bets that are not limited to those placed before the commencement of the game.

Join 22Bet

Casumo – Easy to Use

Casumo is a highly reputed online casino. It is well-known among newcomers because of its user-friendly interface. It has a wonderful live casino, casino games, and a sportsbook. When it comes to card games, it is one of the best in the business. Furthermore, there are around 1400 slots available for you to choose from! Wait, pick up your jaw before you read further!

It’s not only attractive, but it’s also incredibly customizable. You’ll be asked to select four of your favorite sports when you first log in. They will then be prioritized, and any games involving these four sports will be shown first. In terms of odds, you may expect fantastic value in sports such as cricket, tennis, and football, among others.

Join Casumo

Parimatch – For Live Betting Lovers

Parimatch is a betting site that is fairly new but has still managed to win a lot of hearts including ours. It is a modern betting service with a distinctive design and structure that makes placing bets on your favorite sports simple and enjoyable. Parimatch makes it simple for Indian players to deposit via UPI and has a fantastic sportsbook. However, their standout feature has to be the virtual sports area.

Parimatch is one of the few betting services that provide consumers with free live streaming of sporting events. This is a huge advantage for those of you who enjoy both watching and wagering on sports. When it comes to virtual sports, Parimatch has endless betting possibilities, making it one of the Big Daddy’s of the virtual sports betting sites in India.

You can wager on virtual football, basketball, horse racing, golf, and a variety of other sports. At Parimatch, you can place bets on over 30 different virtual sports leagues. However, the live streaming service is apparently confined to international football matches only. I mean, not everything is perfect, is it?

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ComeOn – For Fast Payouts

If you’re searching for a betting site that offers fast payouts, “ComeOn” ComeOn man! They have maintained a good reputation throughout Europe and have been in business for a long time.

And, make no mistake, their mobile service is excellent. The website is mobile-friendly and their betting apps are lightning-fast, so you’ll likely discover a bet or casino game that you’ll enjoy. The fact that it offers instant withdrawals is the reason for its popularity.

ComeOn has lately made a move into the Indian betting sector and now accepts rupee deposits. They’ve also modified their bonuses to include a welcome bonus of up to 10,000 INR for new customers.

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Bad Betting Sites Known For Frauds & Scams

As I said in the beginning, I’m here to guide you! And proper guidance includes both the Dos and the Don’ts! So here I am with the online betting sites in India that you should NOT check out ever!


You must have heard of Betwinner and might have considered it to be a trusted website, haven’t you? Well, we won’t blame you! Betwinner has done a great job at concealing reality. It’s surprisingly easy to deposit money into your account, but then it’s gone! Your odds of withdrawing your gains are nearly nil.

There is a 1% probability that you’ll actually get to see your money. If you go online, you will find many people saying that Betwinner randomly decided to block their account when they were winning and later asked those players to submit unnecessary documents. Players are then asked to wait for upto 3 months and they still don’t get their money.

You stand a better chance of beating a tiger with your bare hands than you do of ever receiving your money back from this firm. Avoid Betwinner at all costs!


Bwin is another online betting site that does not deserve your attention. The betting site has a lot of problems but it is infamous for cheating its partners and customers. When their traders suggest that you might be a winning customer, they will limit your staking amounts to peanuts. Alternatively, they’ll close your account for good and transfer your money back to you immediately. This normally occurs when your account has a positive balance of more than 100 EUR, regardless of the sport you have bet on.

One of the customers at Bwin has also claimed that he attempted to login to place some bets but his account was permanently suspended owing to a “business decision”. They contacted Live Chat Customer Service, who refused to give them any justification for why his account was suspended. He was also urged to create a new account with a different email address, which I hope he did not!

Final Words For New Bettors on Their Journey

Online betting can be a fun activity if done within limits. Choosing the best betting site can be difficult. If you were to search for a betting site on Google, you will only see a list of sites with free money offers to persuade you to make a quick selection. Don’t rush this process because there are numerous aspects to be considered.

final words for new bettors

Take your time learning different betting strategies and master the strategy you think works the best for you. You should visit different online betting sites in India to get an overview of the online betting world. Check out the bonuses that an online sports betting company is offering before you sign up for that online betting site. Wait, are you noting these down? Because these are tips that will put you in the driver’s seat financially even before you start wagering.

It’s pointless to try to become an expert on sports betting right away; it’s difficult enough to figure out how everything works. As a beginner, it’s critical to concentrate solely on the fundamentals. Lastly, play responsibly and take online betting as a fun activity only.