Paytm Betting Sites which Accept Indian Players

With Indians quickly latching onto the trend of online gaming, there are several international gaming sites which accept Indian players without any qualms.

Moreover, among these, many gaming sites have started accepting Paytm payments, which they are also using to dole out winnings.

This comprehensive review provides the complete lowdown on Paytm betting. Reading through this page, you will have an excellent idea of all the relevant nuances related to Paytm betting – including Paytm cricket betting, sites that accept Indian players along with Paytm payments, etc.

Suffice it to say that when it comes to Paytm betting sites as well as Paytm betting apps, they are growing at a feverish pitch. Therefore, it is only apt that we take a closer look at all such betting apps with Paytm to get a good sense of the entire playing field.

For your convenience, we have structured this review in a way that you get an all-round perspective on the nuances related to betting apps with Paytm. For instance, which are these betting apps with Paytm on offer? How do you go about placing your bets with Paytm as the payment option? You will find answers to all such questions and more in this review.

Verified List of Paytm Betting Sites – June 2024

1. 10cric

10Cric is a reputed Paytm betting site with a strong customer base. Cricket Bettors love this a lot.

Bonus of ₹10,000 and 100 free spins for newcomers!

2. 22bet

22Bet is one of the best paytm betting sites overall. It has lots of games, markets, bonuses and what not. It has a high customer satisfaction rating too.

Bonuses of ₹12,000 for every newcomer!

3. Casumo

Casumo is one of the recent members of the Paytm betting club. They have everything you'd want in a site.

Bonuses for newcomers up to ₹20,000!

4. ComeOn

Those who prefer paytm betting apps or mobile sites, generally like ComeOn more. They have good sign up offers.

Bonus of ₹5,000 and 100 free spins.

5. Pure Casino

Pure Betting recently opened its Sports Betting to Paytm Users in India. They have the fastest withdrawal process.

Bonuses up to ₹10,000 after first deposit!

6. Twin Casino

Twin Offers Paytm Betting exclusively to players from India. It has lots of offers and weekly free bets.

Bonuses up to ₹25,000 for newcomers!

Payment Betting Sites Summary

Total Paytm Betting Sites 5
KYC Required Upto ₹90,000
Welcome Bonus Upto
Paytm Withdrawal Yes, Possible.

Why Indians prefer Betting Sites which Accept Paytm?

It is a combination of the familiarity quotient as well as the trust that millions of Indians already place on Paytm. This trust and familiarity is extended onto betting sites which accept Paytm. As we foresee, instances of such Paytm betting sites are only going to increase further in the future.

paytm betting india

In essence, it is akin to trusting the Paytm cricket betting sites themselves as they get the feeling that their money is safe and secure with them. Paytm on its own would not associate itself with illegitimate or dodgy betting sites. Therefore, the very presence of Paytm on select Paytm betting sites is proof of their legitimacy and trustworthiness.

Such an association is rapidly extending itself to Indian betting sites accepting Paytm as well as other betting sites with Paytm. Yes, Paytm cricket betting is getting immensely popular, wherever it is available. This includes betting apps with Paytm, given the huge surge we’ve seen in smartphone adoption across India. Moreover, it is also about being able to place bets on the go; betting apps with Paytm allow players to do just that.

Another interesting perspective on this front would be the rapid emergence of Paytm betting apps across both Android and iOS platforms. Yes, given that Android dominates the Indian mobile space, you will specially find a plethora of Paytm betting apps available for Android devices.

Paytm makes IPL & Cricket Betting Easy

Come cricket season and fervour for cricket betting skyrockets. In fact, gamers just can’t wait to get going on their mobile devices, downloading their favourite Paytm betting apps to place several unique cricket bets.

This excitement takes on a feverish pitch during the IPL when there is virtually a killing to be made from bets placed on betting sites which accept Paytm, throughout the entire tournament.

paytm ipl cricket betting

Both Indian and international betting sites offer wide ranging Paytm cricket betting options. Possibilities are practically endless on this front, with Paytm cricket betting bets being placed on:

  • The team that will win the match
  • The number of fours and sixes that will be hit
  • The number of wickets that will be taken
  • The players that will score the most number of runs
  • The catches that will be taken
  • Which batsman will get out when and how?

And so on…there are just so many different choices as far as Paytm cricket betting goes!

Now, amidst all this, Indians clearly prefer to play safe. Especially as far as payment options go, they would particularly prefer choices of Paytm betting sites that are tried and tested, safe and secure.

On this front, Paytm clearly rules and that is the reason, betting sites themselves are going all out to ensure Paytm is available among the payment options on offer. The same is true for betting apps with Paytm or Google pay, given the latter’s proliferation across multiple mobile gaming applications.

Moreover, given the fact that so many Indians already use Paytm regularly, Paytm cricket betting becomes an easier proposition for them. There is no need to set up an additional account with a new and possibly unknown payment option. All they need to do is link their Paytm account to the Paytm betting site in question; subsequent payments for Paytm cricket betting will be a breeze, especially on betting apps with Paytm.

It’s also about the fact that all of this is a one-time process. Once Paytm is added on as a payment option, players can continue using it for good, for placing all their bets. Whether it is the IPL (which takes place once a year) or other cricket tournaments that take place off and on throughout the year, payment concerns regarding Paytm cricket betting can easily be put aside, simply because Paytm has been added to the account as a payment option. Yes, this is particularly true on betting apps with Paytm.

Quick guide to using Paytm on Betting Sites

Overall, it is fairly simple and straightforward to use Paytm on betting sites. In this section, we go through some of the steps you need to follow while using Paytm on betting sites, including both international and Indian betting sites accepting Paytm.

Make sure your Paytm account is Ready and Active

An inactive Paytm account would, of course, be of no use to you if you try to use it on Paytm betting sites. Moreover, even before we get to activity on your Paytm account, you need to ensure that it is ready for use. An appropriate example would be going through the KYC or ‘Know Your Customer’ formalities. Likely, you will not let be allowed to use your Paytm account, till these KYC requirements are fulfilled. So, make sure you do so.

Choose a betting site that accepts Paytm

Logically, you can only use Paytm on betting sites that accept it. In other words, they do need to be Paytm betting sites.

Therefore, to avoid any surprises, before you go all out on using a particular betting site, head to its payment section. There, cross check if Paytm is accepted on it. If that is indeed the case, you can go ahead with other procedural formalities required to register and use the Paytm betting site in question.

Make your deposit with Paytm

Making your first deposit with Paytm effectively seals the deal, whereby you are assured of smooth usage of Paytm on the concerned site. From there on, you can continue using Paytm, on the Paytm betting site in question, for making all your deposits in the future.

Place your Bet

As they say, you must be “in it to win it”. In this case, once you’ve already been through the initial procedural formalities for adding Paytm to your Paytm betting site account, it is now time to place your bet.

Once you are able to do this successfully, it is a reconfirmation of the fact that the money you deposited with Paytm in the previous step was duly received by the betting site, thus allowing you to place your bet.

Withdrawing from Betting Sites with Paytm

Withdrawing your betting site earnings with Paytm should be as easy as the way you placed your deposits. Since proof of the pudding always lies in the eating, this is when you test the waters by withdrawing your earnings into your Paytm account.

If this process proves successful – whereby winning amounts are duly credited to your Paytm account, clearly you are good to go!

Safety and Privacy at Betting Sites accepting Paytm

safety of paytm betting sites

The availability of Paytm as an option for making deposits and withdrawing your earnings is no reason for you to throw caution to the wind. You need to be just as cautious about your safety and privacy on betting sites accepting Paytm, as you would on sites that do not.

Therefore, whether it is about having a strong password on the site or ensuring that you do not share the password with unconcerned entities, you must take all necessary precautions.

Having said that, Paytm does carry out its own set of due diligence activities on online platforms where it is accepted. Accordingly, you do have reasonable assurance about your safety and privacy on all international and Indian betting sites accepting Paytm.

Betting Sites which accept Paytm are 100% Legal

paytm betting sites are legal

An added assurance to players placing their bets on betting sites accepting Paytm is the fact that these sites are 100% legal. Such legality is typically ensured through ratification by gambling authorities in the concerned jurisdiction. This fact will also be clearly spelled out on the betting site. It is recommended that you confirm this to be doubly sure.

With this done, you will have added peace of mind on the absolute legality of betting sites accepting Paytm.

22Bet India – Our Favourite Site for Cricket Betting with Paytm

Given all the information we have provided in previous sections on Paytm and its acceptance on betting sites, you would be raring to go to know about sites where cricket betting with Paytm is a breeze.

Well, as we have consistently found, 22Bet India is literally your best bet when it comes to cricket betting with Paytm. An incredibly designed layout which is enormously easy to navigate, a wide range of bets on offer, and 100% legality of the platform, coupled with regular and high earnings are just some of the reasons for which 22Bet India gets all the accolades.

22Bet is more than just a betting site

When we think of betting sites, the images that come to mind are usually that of run-of-the-mill casino games such as blackjack or roulette, etc. 22Bet has been ranked as the top 3 online casinos in India by

But 22Bet is clearly much more than that. Looking at all that it has on offer, we can safely surmise that it is a haven for anyone looking to wager on just about anything.

If we take sports for example, perhaps your passion lies more in tennis or football than in cricket. On 22Bet, that is not a concern at all since you will still be able to place your bets with equal ease. This includes live games where such sports are being played in real time. You will still be able to place a wide range of bets without any concern.

The same is true for video games as well. 22Bet has many ongoing esports and Cyber games where bets of many kinds can be placed.

Accepts many more deposit methods

Paytm is only one of several ways in which you can deposit money into your 22Bet account. Besides Paytm, deposit options available on 22Bet include:

  • E-wallets like Skrill, Papara, Perfect Money, and Sticpay, among others
  • Payment systems like Neteller and Payeer
  • Self-service terminals like Runpay, EasyPay, QuickPay, Paynet, 2Click, and many more
  • Internet Banking on banks like Santander, Caixa, Multibanco, and Boleto, etc.
  • Bank transfer using Pay Giga and Hizli QR
  • Plenty of Cryptocurrency options that include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, NEM, DigiByte, Bitcoin Cash, Eos, and Chainlink among many others

Withdrawals are very quick and easy

It can be terribly frustrating for players to wait incessantly till they receive their winning earnings. Fully aware of this fact, 22Bet has ensured that withdrawals are especially rapid and easy to make.

With just a few clicks, and hardly any lag time, players can look forward to receiving their winning amounts on the desired payments receival option of their choice.

Transaction/Deposit Limits at Paytm Betting Sites

Transaction deposit limits on Paytm betting sites vary from site to site; they are not fixed across sites. They also depend on the method used to make deposits.

transanction limits

Continuing with 22Bet as our focal betting site, the minimum amount that you can deposit using Paytm as well as UPI payments through your regular bank account with Indian banks like SBI, ICICI, HDFC, Axis, and others, is ₹500.

On Casumo India too, the minimum amount you can deposit is ₹500 which is also the minimum withdrawal amount.

10CRIC is another betting site accepting Paytm deposits. While the minimum transaction limit in this instance is not specified, it is ₹1000 in most cases if you use options like Net Banking, your Visa or MasterCard credit card, or Skrill, among others.

4 Reasons International Betting Sites with Paytm are Better than Indian Sites

When it comes to players from India keen on placing online bets, the choice of Paytm available to them as a payment option is a major enticement.

At the same time, they do have the choice of both Indian and international betting sites accepting Paytm.

Here we cite 4 reasons for which international betting sites with Paytm are preferred over Indian betting sites that accept Paytm.

Proper licensing and regulations

The Indian online casino space is still evolving. there are no clear cut rules and regulations in place. On the other hand, international betting sites are subject to stringent rules of licensing and other regulations. There’s practically no laissez-faire style of functioning seen in case of Indian betting sites.

It is for this reason that, given a choice, when it comes to both Indian and international betting sites offering Paytm as a payment option, the latter make for a better selection.

Better customer support

Again, because many Indian betting sites are still relatively nascent in nature, they do not have robust customer support in place. International betting sites though – given all the regulations they are subject to, as well as the barrage of customers they receive from all parts of the world, have well-established customer support systems in place.

betting customer support

This proves to be another compelling reason for which given a choice, international betting sites with Paytm should be preferred over Indian ones.

Trust factor is higher

Precedence in case of most international betting sites tends to be higher as compared to Indian ones. Majority of the former have been around for longer, serving clients from across the globe who entrust them with their money and their faith. These patrons are in turn suitably rewarded with great winnings from time to time. As a result, the trust factor in their case is certainly higher.

For this reason, even if Paytm is available in both instances, international betting sites would be preferred.

Almost zero known cases of cheating customers

No matter how far back you choose to investigate, it is extremely unlikely that you will find instances of cheating in case of international betting sites. Now, while Indian betting sites do generally prove to be trustworthy in nature, you cannot always be 100% certain of their legitimacy and honesty, due to lax regulations from concerned authorities.

This becomes yet another strong reason for choosing international betting sites over Indian ones, even if Paytm is on offer as a payment option in both cases.

Things to keep in mind before starting betting with Paytm

There are several key aspects that you need to keep in mind before starting betting with Paytm. Always remember that the mere presence of Paytm as a payment option is no panacea for inherent issues that might be present on the betting platform in question, or all betting sites in general.

Always claim signup offers

Irrespective of Paytm’s presence as a payment option, all betting sites – whether Indian or international, have signup offers for the taking. These include bonuses credited to your account simply for signing up as well as others that you receive once you make your first deposit, say into your Paytm IPL betting account.

Whether you use Paytm or any other payment mechanism to make your deposit, remember not to forgo all such signup offers. We especially mention this because most such offers tend to be one time in nature; if you miss claiming them while you still can, you will be unable to do so later.

Choose sites that have a proper gambling licence

Often, in our hurry to get going with placing bets on Paytm IPL betting sites for instance, we fail to perform essential due diligence. In case of gambling sites where we are wagering our hard earned money, it is crucial that we check for the presence of proper gambling licenses.

Betting sites that have these licences usually mention them quite clearly right up front. So, it would not be difficult for you to ratify licensing if that is indeed present. Legitimate betting sites even go to the extent of displaying the gambling license on their platform. This is a definitive confirmation of the presence of a gambling license.

In case you still have doubts, some basic Googling or online searching usually throws up the right results, affirming gambling licensing availability wherever that is factually the case.

Anytime you face a scenario where you are just not able to establish the presence of a gambling license on a Paytm betting site or Paytm betting app where you are looking to wager, you might want to hold back on your intentions.

Read terms and conditions

All gambling sites including Paytm betting sites typically provide detailed terms and conditions of service. It is unfortunate that most gamblers choose to ignore reviewing these terms and conditions.

As a responsible gambler, you should not make that mistake. Anyway, notwithstanding the hundreds of different gambling sites out there, you will quite likely be placing your bets on only a few such Paytm betting sites. When that is the case, there should not be any concern on thoroughly reviewing the terms and conditions of those few and far between Paytm betting apps.

Start small

Many gamblers, in their desperation to win big quickly, end up placing huge stakes on Paytm betting sites right up front. Now, when fortune does not favour them (which is often the case on any Paytm betting site where there is an element of chance), they clearly end up losing a lot of money.

As a sensible gambler, you should not make this mistake under any circumstances. Always remember to test the waters on Paytm betting sites by starting small. As is proverbially said frequently, it is important that you the wet your feet on Paytm betting sites to begin with.

Once you’ve spent reasonable time on the Paytm betting sites you intend to place your bets on, you can gradually increase your stakes. This is especially true when you find yourself on the winning side. Otherwise, remember that you can end up on the losing side rather quickly. This is clearly not what you want once you’ve got onto Paytm betting sites.

However, winning and losing is very much a part of the equation as you enter the gambling trajectory on betting sites that accept Paytm. Therefore, it is entirely about balancing your approach to gambling, placing smaller and gradual stakes on Paytm betting sites, with a fervent hope that you end up on the winning side (during your Paytm IPL betting sessions, for example) as frequently as possible.


Which betting sites in India accept Paytm?

Curiosity around which betting sites accept Paytm in India has increased tremendously. More and more betting sites in India are starting to accept Paytm with each passing day, to the extent that it is not easy to keep up pace with the rapid progress we are witnessing on this front. In fact, that is precisely the reason for which many betting sites accepting Paytm have often started being referred to as Paytm betting sites. Having said that, below we list some betting sites in India which we know for certain to be accepting Paytm, helping you gauge which betting sites accept Paytm:

  • Casumo
  • ComeOn
  • 10Cric
  • 22Bet
  • Royal Panda
  • Voodoo Dreams
  • NySpins
  • Betwinner
  • Twin Casino
  • Rabona
  • Pari Match
  • CasinoDome
  • Casino Planet
  • Casino Gods
  • Casino Joy
  • Genesis
  • Kassu
Remember that this list informing you about which betting sites accept Paytm may not be exhaustive and would always be subject to change, given the pace with which more and more betting sites are starting to accept Paytm (Paytm betting apps are also growing fervently in number). Therefore, our recommendation would be to double check every such listing confirming which betting sites accept Paytm. That way, your overall awareness around Paytm betting sites will also continue to improve. Along the way, you will also discover plenty of exciting Paytm betting apps where you can easily place unique bets even while you're on the go.

Is it legal to use Paytm for online betting?

Yes, it is completely legal for you to use Paytm for online betting. Remember that, at the end of the day, Paytm is merely a payment mode/payment gateway/payment mechanism on gambling sites. As you figure out which betting sites accept Paytm, you will realise that the legal aspect is more pertinent on the Paytm betting sites themselves rather than on Paytm. They're the ones who need to ensure that they play by the rules, as per the jurisdiction where they are based. Having said that, Paytm does perform its requisite due diligence before offering itself as a payment mode on any online platform, with Paytm betting sites being no exception. In other words, the mere presence of Paytm as a payment gateway on any Paytm betting site is an affirmation of its legality and authenticity. This includes any cricket betting app Paytm also.

Is Paytm KYC Required for an Online Betting account?

By and large, KYC is anyway required for you to have a valid and operational Paytm account. Without having gone through the requisite steps for completing your KYC formalities, Paytm would not let you use its services, whether for Paytm IPL betting or any other purpose for that matter. Even if it did, that would come with significant limitations – and would likely be valid only for a limited time. Remember these rules would remain sacrosanct in case of Paytm betting apps as well, apart from Paytm betting sites. This is true universally for any and every Paytm account, irrespective of where it is used, including Paytm betting apps. Whether it is a GAMBLING SITE or any other online or offline platform, it does not matter. Having said that, the payment platform is particularly diligent on Paytm betting sites, ensuring that it is available only on genuine and legitimate places. Therefore, our sincere recommendation would be that you complete the necessary KYC formalities for your Paytm account, the way it is described to you by Paytm. Once that is done, you are unlikely to face any challenges as far as freely using your Paytm account on Paytm deposit betting sites is concerned. In fact, with these KYC formalities done, you can quickly start using your Paytm account for placing bets. This especially includes Paytm IPL betting that a lot of folks are keen to get going on.

Can you withdraw to your Paytm Wallet from Betting sites?

Yes indeed, you can withdraw to your Paytm wallet from betting sites. You can also do so from a cricket betting app Paytm, wherever the latter payment option is available. We do recommend though that you double check this particular provision of withdrawing to your Paytm wallet, on all betting sites that accept Paytm, especially ones where you intend to wager on. We say this because not all Paytm deposit betting sites allow players to withdraw their winnings to their Paytm wallet even if they otherwise offer Paytm as a payment option for deposits made into your Paytm cricket betting site account. Remember that this decision is not entirely at the discretion of Paytm deposit betting sites themselves. Often, there is an absolute multiplicity of factors that determine where and how you can withdraw your Paytm betting site earnings. It is these factors working in tandem that will eventually determine whether you can go ahead and withdraw your winnings to your Paytm wallet.

Are Paytm Betting sites safe and trustworthy?

Yes, by and large, once you've figured out which betting sites accept Paytm, you can be rest assured that Paytm betting sites are indeed safe and trustworthy. In any case, as we have frequently highlighted previously, it is vital that you do your due diligence before investing your time and money on all Paytm deposit betting sites and betting apps with Paytm. It is only when you find the results of your efforts to be positive – with no major red flags in sight, should you be going ahead and betting your hard earned money on betting sites that accept Paytm for various purposes such as Paytm IPL betting. With that said, the mere presence of Paytm as a payment mode on any betting site is an added assurance of safety and dependability. Remember that Paytm on its own performs extensive due diligence before offering itself as a payment mode on any online platform, including betting apps with Paytm. Wherever there are possible concerns regarding legitimacy or authenticity, Paytm is unlikely to continue its association with the Paytm IPL betting platform in question. So, yes, to reiterate our answer to this question – as mentioned right up front, Paytm betting sites are assuredly safe and trustworthy. Yes, Paytm betting sites are increasingly growing in number. But that does not in any way imply a compromise in safety or trustworthiness. Rather, concerned entities are going all out to ensure the legitimacy of Paytm betting sites.

Is Cricket & IPL Betting possible with Paytm?

Well, not only is cricket and IPL betting possible with Paytm, but it is also an everyday reality, with hundreds of betting sites that accept Paytm out there, receiving cricket and IPL bets through Paytm. The same is true with Paytm betting apps; it is only the platform which differs. You see, betting and cricket have gone hand in hand, especially in India, for a long time. Previously, for the large part, cricket betting remained an underground, nefarious activity. The online world has simply thrown open the prospect of placing cricket bets legitimately, with mobile Paytm betting apps literally throwing open the floodgates. Amidst all this, Paytm has emerged as an added safety mechanism which also ratifies the trustworthiness of betting sites on which cricket and IPL bets are being placed. This is equally true in case of Paytm betting apps; the mere presence of Paytm amplifies their reliability. If we take the IPL alone, there are many bets being placed across multiple betting platforms, including Paytm betting sites as well as Paytm betting apps. The common connection between many of them is the ease with which Paytm IPL betting is accepted. They've all realised that if they are to draw customers by the droves, they must win their trust; and offering Paytm IPL betting is clearly one of the easiest ways to do so, across both Paytm betting sites and Paytm betting apps. Therefore, when you are on the lookout for placing safe and secure, cricket and IPL bets, betting sites which have Paytm available as a payment mechanism certainly prove to be your best bet, both literally and figuratively!