How to win in Cricket Betting? – Top 10 Expert Tips

Cricket is considered the second most popular game around the world. Punters love the excitement of unexpected outcomes and thrills of a cricket match.

With varieties of cricket matches played over the years, punters are always looking for improvisation and tips on how to win in cricket betting.

Cricket does not have a definite permutation and combination of outcomes, and hence cricket betting is considered one of the most overwhelming gambling in the world. The odds prediction in cricket is way harder than it looks.

Even the most experienced punters with excellent knowledge lose a huge amount of money because cricket matches have always come up with exciting twists and turns. Somedays, a team with the highest winning stats proves itself worthy, while other days, teams with the lowest odds win the championship.

No matter if you are a newbie in cricket betting or a professional, there’s always room for improvement, and hence one should look for efficient tips on how to win in cricket betting.

We have found the best expert tips to help you win in cricket betting, so if you are determined to make amazing cricket betting advancements, then along.

Different Genre of Cricket Betting

Cricket itself has a vast number of categories. Cricket tournaments are held throughout the year, and hence punters always have a chance to bet in cricket matches.

We have specifically mentioned three types of cricket tournaments that interest the majority of cricket bettors. These three cricket tournaments pose a major factor in why cricket is preferred as the best betting sport in the world.

1. Test Cricket

Test Cricket matches have the longest match duration than any other cricket tournament. Test matches played between national teams are recognized by the International Cricket Council(ICC).

Two teams, each with 11 players, play four innings in a test cricket match. The matches may last up to 5 days and are considered mentally grueling because each player has to go through physically and mentally exhausting four innings.

Betting in test cricket seems rewarding, but it is highly unpredictable because of the longest test series. It is hard to predict the odds of a winning team in the first two innings.

Many bettors play on safer sides by betting on innings, or a particular player, or on a specific number of runs a team makes in a particular inning. But those who are wondering how to win in cricket betting in the overall four innings need to have proper knowledge, money management and patience to score perfect bets.

2. One Day International Cricket

One Day International, also popularly known as Limited Over International, is a limited over cricket edition. The two teams involved playing ODI have international recognition and play 50 overs in One Day International Cricket.

All the cricket fans must with the world cup cricket which is held every four years following the structure of One Day Cricket matches.

Punters who are motivated and looking for ways to win in cricket betting in One Day International Cricket should have precise knowledge of teams and its players, pitch quality, stadium history and weather forecast.

3. T20 Cricket 

First introduced by the England and Wales Cricket Board(ECB) in 2003, Twenty-20 cricket matches offer bettors the most exciting cricket betting experience. Through these matches, many people have also learned how to win in cricket betting. 

Twenty-20 Cricket matches include two teams, each with a single innings and a maximum of 20 overs in the match. The game lasts for around 3 hours, with each innings taking around 90 minutes and 10 minutes of breaks between each inning.

Indian Premier League is one of the most loved T-20 leagues in the world appreciated cricket league in the world. Punters can bet on each player or the team with the maximum odds in favor. Bettors have an added advantage of winning a bet in IPL if they know the team and its history.

how to bet on cricket and win

Expert Tips on How to Win in Cricket Betting

Punters can find many cricket betting tips online but what matters is which of these expert tips weighs more in your chance of placing a real bet.

If you are thinking about why to learn about cricket betting, you can find an online betting site with perfect records in odds prediction. Well, there is no such online betting sites that offer perfect odd predictions, and even if they do, it is always a plus point to bet as per your knowledge and conscience.

So here are few expert tips you need to know on how to win in cricket betting.

1. Knowledge of teams and ranks

Sir Francis Bacon was not wrong when he said, “Knowledge is power”, and he might have given one of the most important factors on how to win in cricket betting, knowledge.

Before placing your bet, you should have a precise knowledge of the team and its rank in cricket. We have kept knowledge of teams and their rank as our first expert tip for a reason.

Do not risk your money and time by placing a bet when your knowledge of the game and team player does not justify your bet. Always keep increasing your facts of different cricket and its team players.

You cannot rely on your luck to win a major. It is always advisable to do pre-game research or have a deep knowledge of the team’s stats. You need to have a full-blown database in your head with all the details about the player’s history, form, and overall winning history.

You need to be aware of the past results if the two opposing teams have played together before. Thorough research helps you keep yourself updated with the team’s run and total scores in innings.

Keep yourself updated with the daily facts in the news media about a team you wish to bet on. Keeping in pace with the current news helps you analyze a player’s next move, level of team preparation, and some point well the team will perform.

2. Bet on both sides or multiple bets

Yet another strategic tip on how to win in cricket betting is to bet on both teams. The majority of punters split their bets into both the opponent teams. Hence, no matter who wins, punters always in a win-win situation.

Betting on both sides seems quite strategic when you want to win some money on a cricket match. There are times when the most unexpected team wins the match and keeps everyone in awe.

Instead of betting a huge amount of money on a single team or a player, betting smaller bets on both teams or different potential players seems a safe way out. Multiple betting can only go wrong only when a game is a draw.

3.Always do a rain check

This is probably the best advice we have provided to newcomers on how to win in cricket betting. Keep regular checks on whether or read a weather forecast before the game starts.

Weather forecasts can decode a lot about the upcoming cricket match. If the weather seems cloudy or overcast, it may extensively benefit face to medium-paced bowlers, while if the weather seems bright and sunny, it can benefit the batsmen.

If the weather seems to be rainy at any point of the day, then do not bet on any team because the game is most likely to be a draw.

We would also advise you to check the country’s weather condition in which the cricket match will be held. In some countries, the sunset occurs quite early, which can effectively change the game’s pace, while countries with no dark till 8 pm might lead to an extended or a full game.

4.Research on different grounds and pitch

Yet another crucial factor on how to win in cricket is the ground and the pitch condition in the stadium. Players on different pitches perform differently. The pitch condition highly determines whether the match will be in the batsman’s favor or in the favor of the bowling team.

A hard pitch helps the fast-paced bowlers fly off the ball and with a good bounce, but the cricket pitch depends on many factors. If the weather in the country is rainy, the pitch is most likely moist.

Do not forget to check the past data of matches held on the same pitch to know how players perform in that particular pitch.

5. The gamble of the Toss

Winning a toss in cricket is itself a gamble! The captain who wins the Toss has to decide whether his team will bowl first or bat.

Captains beforehand decide which teammates will play according to the pitch condition. If the pitch seems in dry condition, the captain, after winning a toss, will most likely prefer to bat first so that his team could get a chance to bowl at last and through spinners.

If the pitch seems moist and green, the captain with a winning toss will prefer to bowl first because the new ball will skid off easily, and there are high chances to take a wicket.

6. Player’s SWOT Analysis

Players SWOT analysis is yet another healthy tip on how to win in cricket betting. Punters must be aware of the player’s performance background. SWOT analysis of players can help determine which player is going to outshine in the entire match.

Strong knowledge of players performance and past winning can also help determine a bowler with maximum wickets. Sometimes a single player rises as an outperformer and helps in a team’s victory.

Teams playing in their home country are likely to have higher chances of winning than the opponent team. But this has not always been the case, so precise information is a must.

7. Betting on Draws

Many bettors underestimate the chances of winning when they bet on draws. Betting on draws can be beneficial in the test crickets.

In the five days test series, the betting prices change quickly. This makes the odds of test crickets quite predictable. If you practice betting on draws before the match, there’s a high probability that you are in profit.

Over the past years, the number of draws has reduced from 46% in the 1980’s to 27%. Due to this significant fall in the draw matches, bookies often place the incorrect price on draws which can be a huge opportunity for punters.

8. Bankroll management 

Punters who are seriously looking for tips on how to win in cricket betting should seriously consider proper bankroll management of their betting account.

Many bettors do not record their total bets and do not precisely know if they are in profit or loss. What might seem as a win in a single match does not mean an overall win in the long run.

With proper bankroll management, you will determine your profit or loss over some time. Also, efficient bankroll management helps you determine your weakness and strengths.

We would recommend you take a look at your betting patterns from last week and analyze them. It can be possible that you have a high winning ratio in ODI, while you have been losing consistently in the Test series.

9. Choose the right Sportsbook

Many online sites offer different prices on odds of the strong team winning the game. It would help if you looked for the Sportsbook that gives you the best prices in the odds.

Many Sportsbook offers odds prediction of their own, and punters can debate the site’s odds prediction and cricket knowledge to see if the site’s odds prediction is backed up with research.

10. Only bet what you can afford to lose

It doesn’t matter how desperately you want to win the bet; cricket has its unpredictability sometimes. Even if you are 100% sure that you can win a fortune, do not place a huge bet if you cannot afford to lose.

Without a sense of responsible gambling, you can easily empty your savings on betting. Newbies often get excited after each win and lose a sense of control.

It’s always better to start with low best prices, and once you have a huge profit margin and subtle experience, you can go ahead with higher bets.


Keep in mind that perfection on how to win in cricket betting comes with practice. The above tips on winning in cricket betting are just the first step to whole new betting advancements. With these expert tips, you can recognize your strengths and weaknesses with time and work on them.

Never expect to win every bet, there will be a downfall, but if you keep these crucial tips in mind, you will always learn from your mistakes and move forwards for better wins.

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