Horse Race in Delhi | Is it Legal? | How to Bet on Horse Racing?

History of Horse Race

Before we dive in to know more about horse race in Delhi and how to bet on horse racing, let’s first understand some things about its history in India. Horse racing was introduced 200 years ago in India. The first racecourse was set up in Madras in 1777.

Currently, there are nine racetracks by six racing authorities. Now, India has a well-developed racing and breeding industry. India imports stallions from all over the world.

India’s capital ‘Delhi’ is a major hub for horse racing bettors who love to play real money games. Delhi Race Club is one of the fewest private firms where horse betting is legal.

Famous English architect Edward Lutyens introduced horse race in Delhi in 1926.

The Britishers snatched the lands of local farmers in Delhi. Britishers built racetracks on these lands.

The race club registered as a private organization in 1940. Now, The Delhi Race Club manages the horse races in Delhi since the ’40s.

Horse Racing Seasons in Delhi

Summer season isn’t for horse races in Delhi. However, there are two seasons at the Delhi Race Course where you can learn how to bet on horse racing. These seasons run between August to April each year.

The Royal Western India Turf Club (RWITC) backs up the Delhi Race Club. Moreover, the Delhi Race Club functions as an independent body.

The RWITC and the Turf Authorities of India cover all the horse racing clubs in Delhi. You can check the race guide along with watching the race online. You can also place your bet in any area.

Almost 2000 people are connected directly or indirectly to the Delhi Racing club. These people are owners, jockeys, syces, along with the staff of the club.

The Delhi Race Course has constantly improved the facilities of its racecourse. The club uses eco-friendly material for its turf.

The club maintains competence by hosting horse races in Delhi.

Is Horse-Betting Legal in Delhi?

The Indian government isn’t very favorable when it comes to illegal betting and gambling, let it be horse race in Delhi. And, the rules are very strict and intolerant.

Gambling is illegal in India. However, there are exceptions including horse racing, lottery, and rummy. Horse race betting depends on luck as well as skills too. Hence, horse race betting in Delhi and some other states are allowed.

In Tamil Nadu, Dr. K.R. Lakshmana passed the verdict regarding the legality of the case. Besides, horse betting is based on an element of skill and hence allowed.

Since then, several Indian states have licensed bookmakers. And many UK bookmakers also allow betting in INR.

Over 40% of Indian residents have placed their bets online. So, you should start betting through these sites and keep on learning about how to bet on horse racing.


Betway India allows bets on all sorts of sports. The firm commits to serve a high-quality, fair play, and secure payment interface.

Betway offers to bet on all Indian horse racing events including the horse race in Delhi. It offers a great user experience along with easy-to-use betting features.


It has become much easier to bet on horse racing than ever. Their user-friendly website features quick links to every day’s horse race events.

Besides, an easy and reliable platform, you can follow their guide on how to bet on horse racing as well.

how to bet on horse racing

Different Types of Horse Racing in India

Horse racing is not a single big bull of its kind. There are many kinds of horse races in Delhi too. The races differ because of the following terms.

  • distance of tracks,
  • age of the participating horses,
  • the experience of horses, and many other factors.

Now, let’s take a look at the top horse racing events in India.

Indian Derby Betting

The Indian Derby debuted in 1943 and has been a premier horse racing event of the country. This is the largest horse racing event in India.

On the first Sunday of February, the event is organized. It is an annual event.

The event takes place in Mumbai’s Mahalaxmi Racecourse. Recently, the horse trained by Rajesh Narredu won the Indian Derby.

In this event, the run is 2400 metres long.

Indian 2000 Guineas Betting

Indian 2000 Guineas Betting is very much similar to the English 2000 Guineas race. It is organized in Mumbai every year.

However, three-year fillies and colts can both take part in a single race.

Sadakshara Padmanabhan is one of the favorite trainers of this race. If you’re going to bet, then you should surely consider horses of his stable.

The distance covered in this race is 1600 metres.

Indian 1000 Guineas Betting

Indian 1000 Guineas Betting only allows three-year-old fillies to enter the race. Mumbai’s racecourse hosts the event.

Furthermore, this race begins on Saturday and gives a kick start to the Mumbai racing season.

Indian Oaks

The Indian Oaks is an annual horse race at Mahalaxmi Racecourse, Mumbai.

The participant horses of this race are only four-year fillies. Additionally, this race covers one and a half miles (2400 metres)

Indian St Leger

The Indian St Leger is an annual event. It kicks off the races in September, in Pune. This is a major race event that takes place outside Mumbai.

Indian St Leger permits four-year-old colts, fillies, and geldings into the race. The distance for this horse race is one and three parts of a mile (2800 metres).

Some of the past winners of this race are Quasar, Desert God, Mathayus, Caprisca, and Adjudicate from the last six years. One can easily learn how to bet on horse racing from these winners.

Current Analysis of Horse Race Betting in India

Indian horse race betting is legal. It is authorized by the Indian Government. Horse racing is active in India for the past 200 years.

But recently, the industry has suffered a huge revenue loss just like other industries. Furthermore, the government slapped the industry by imposing a heavy 28% tax.

As of now, the Coronavirus pandemic has stopped the horse race betting industry. Due to this, the industry is constantly suffering major losses. But the government isn’t giving any relaxation.

Online horse betting websites and bookmakers are only hoping to save the grace for the community.

The current situation seems hopeless and very discouraging for the punters. However, the Coronavirus pandemic has been a curse for the industry so far.

Currently, horse race betting in India as well horse race in Delhi is showing a sharp decline. Now the question is, Will Indian punters get behind the horse racing community by getting more involved in horse race betting opportunities? At this point, no one can say.

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